What is Tactel®?




If you’re searching for clothing that combines comfort, easy maintenance, and pleasing aesthetics, items made from Tactel® may be a good choice. This versatile nylon fabric can be found in clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. In fact, Tactel® is rapidly becoming a viable alternative to cotton.由於TACTEL的特性(舒適,易保養,不起縐), 促使TACTEL已經快速的成為棉織品外的另一個選擇.

The name Tactel® is derived from “tacto” – the Latin word for “touch.” Tactel® is a special type of nylon that was first introduced as a unique product in 1983. It was originally used in manufacturing ski apparel, but designers quickly discovered the fabric offered benefits for other types of garments as well. Today, you can find Tactel® in everything from office attire to women’s lingerie. Marks & Spencer is one example of a popular fashion designer that regularly uses this lightweight nylon in its products.


If you’re not familiar with synthetic fabrics, you may be surprised to learn that items made with Tactel® offer several benefits. Tactel® is said to dry eight times faster than cotton, but it is at least twice as soft as most other fibers. TACTAEL織物的快乾速度是棉織品的8倍,且他的柔軟度是其他織物的兩倍柔軟.Tactel® is lightweight and breathable, making it appropriate for many different types of clothing. In addition, this fabric is three times as resilient as comparable natural fibers. 因為tactel的輕巧和透氣的特性,因此被廣泛的使用在各類衣著.除此之外,它的織物回彈力也比任何一種天然材質要好3倍之多.


Caring for garments made from Tactel® is very simple. Most items are machine washable and easily cleaned with a mild detergent. However, since this versatile nylon fabric retains its color and shape very well, you’ll typically need less water and less detergent to keep your garments looking their best.

If you’re concerned about the environment, you may have heard that clothing created from a man-made fiber such as Tactel® causes excess pollution. The manufacturing process used to create Tactel® does require the use of oil, but less than 1% of the world’s annual global oil production is used in this manner. Other fabrics have their own negative environmental impact by requiring the use of large areas of agricultural land and harsh chemicals for processing. In comparison, Tactel® can be dyed with out the bleaching of cotton or the high temperatures required by wool fabrics.


Although it is true that Tactel® is not biodegradable, the manufacturers that make this fabric regularly recycle their waste nylon to create plastic that is used in the manufacturing of common household items. In this way, the environmental impact of the man-made fiber is greatly reduced. Additionally, the durability of garments made from Tactel® means that fewer resources are needed to create the clothes that fill your closet.

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